Payment Terms

As with all cosmetic surgery at the forefront of everyone’s mind is the cost. What are the payment terms? What are the monthly payments or when do I pay if I have the money already there?


Payment Terms – what to look for?


You may have a sipp pension or savings that can pay for your treatment which is great however we would advise to always look and see if the dental clinic has a finance package in place as this is usually very hard to get and would highlight the fact that they are indeed a reputable company. Payment plans have been in place for all types of cosmetic surgery for years now from Hair Transplants to Plastic Surgery – so dental implants should be taken in the same way.

Bad Dental Implants

Not all surgeons produce great dental implants. Most dentists can do every day dental procedures however dental implants must be carried out by a dentist that has had further specialist training in that field like the surgeon in the video below


If you do have a bad experience you may be entitled to some compensation. Click HERE to find out more.