NHS Dental Treatment

When you move to a new town or city to live, you may think you need to register privately with a Dentist.  **Call around a few local Dentists and ask if they do NHS Dental Treatment and accepting new patients**

A visit is always required to meet with your Dentist, they may take X-Rays and they will examine your teeth to establish if you need any NHS Dental Treatment.  There should be an option to ask if they do cosmetic dentistry i.e. Teeth Whitening. 

Plan your next few NHS Dental Treatment appointments so you are prepared and taking care of your oral hygiene.  You don’t want decay or tartar to build up, then you run the risk of potentially losing your tooth.  We urge you to make sure that doesn’t happen, so make sure you attend the appointments.

If you are an NHS Dental Treatment patient, the cost is quite fair.  You could probably get a check-up for under £15.00 (approximate cost).

If you have a fear of attending the Dentist, tell them, they will probably do their best to put you at ease. Dentists and Nurses are adaptable to patients personalities and they want you to feel okay about going to see them.

You should change your toothbrush every few months and make sure you spend at least a few minutes each time you clean your teeth.  If you have squint teeth, you could consider a clear tooth brace, yes they are uncomfortable but they will at least straighten your teeth and ultimately your teeth will be straight, giving you a reason to smile.

You should attend every 6 months to get a check-up, if you feel nerve endings and its sore to brush your teeth, make an appointment to get the Dentist to assess your teeth.  You are fully entitled to NHS Dental Treatment so take advantage of it and make sure you are looking after your health.